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27 March 2023 [15:19] - Today.Az

By Azernews 

Qabil Ashirov

Armenian President Vahagn Khachaturyan has congratulated the people of Iran on the Nowruz holiday and made a fuss about nothing. I am more than confident, he would have wished not done it or would have blamed his aides for the blunder.

Although one cannot for sure share the sincerity behind his wish, he did definitely miss the point and got himself into a mess with the picture embedded into his congratulatory message.

“Sincere congratulations & best wishes on Iranian NY-Nowruz and the start of the year 1402. Persian giant Nizami’s Haft Peykar picturesquely shows Nowruz tradition& celebration. Wishing Ppl&Leadership of Iran peace, new achievements & prosperity. Greetings to all celebrating Novruz!” the tweet reads.

Frankly speaking, congratulating a neighboring nation on important dates or holidays is a generous and expected step. However, when it is done with no respect for the receiving side, at this point Iran - one cannot but doubt the straightforwardness and integrity of the congratulator, that is Armenia.

The more the Armenian president wanted to curry favor with Iran's theocratic leadership and split the baby, he found himself in a funnier state. The text of the congratulatory message mentioned the name of the great Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi, and thus he wanted to lick the boots of the Persian chauvinistic circles in an effort to sound right and good to their ears for a tanker oil but failed to please them as the two young ladies in Azerbaijani national attires without headscarves should have told them a lot.

Moreover, the venue where the pictures were taken and the people behind them vividly show that they cannot be Iranians since the mullahcracy has made life for Iranians miserable for over 40 years and people cannot simply enjoy Nowruz under hardships and ongoing mistreatment of citizens over their call for a better life and more rights.

Nizami Ganjavi, who was born and lived all his life in Ganja, the second biggest city and former capital city of Azerbaijan, is such a peak in oriental poetry that many nations wanted to benefit from his masterpieces.

Taking into account the recent tense relations between Azerbaijan and Iran, there cannot be an option other than to think that the Armenian president deliberately posted a tweet to add oil to the fire. He aimed to take the arguments between Azerbaijan and Iran to another level.

However, we would like to respond to this heinous act of the Armenian president with a book named "Siyavush of Our Century" written by Mammadamin Resulzade, the creator of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan. In his book, he gave detailed information and praised the historical and cultural relationship between the two nations, Azerbaijanis and Persian, tracing back millennia.

Besides that, let the Armenian President not forget that over 40m Azerbaijanis live in Iran and during the second Karabakh war those Azerbaijanis blocked the road and hindered transporting Russian weapons to Armenia through Iran. Iranian Azerbaijanis are represented at all levels of the Iranian state and society.

In addition, Azerbaijan is second after Iran Shia country. In other words, no cunning Armenian policy and politics can sow discord between these two nations. It is no secret that today the relations between these two countries are tense due to the hypocritical foreign policy of the mullah regime.

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