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07 June 2022 [13:35] - Today.Az

By Trend

Mentioning the destruction of monuments, shrines, and cemeteries belonging to the Azerbaijani people, and the unprecedented acts of vandalism committed by Armenia during occupation of Azerbaijani lands in the US State Department’s report on religious freedom is commendable, Azerbaijani political expert Elchin Mirzabayli told Trend.

According to Mirzabayli, nevertheless, the facts contained in the report cover only a small part of the monuments which were desecrated or destroyed during the occupation.

“Even the ruins of Carthage are incomparable with the ruins in the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from the Armenian occupation [in the 2020 second Karabakh war], because Armenia didn’t preserve anything in these territories. To erase traces of Azerbaijani heritage from these lands, it resorted to unprecedented acts of vandalism,” he said.

According to the expert, some people while talking about vandalism in the modern era remember blowup of a giant statue of Buddha by the Taliban militants in 2001, or destruction of the archaeological sites of Nimrud, Hatra, and the cultural samples of the Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian cultures by the ISIS terrorist group in Mosul.

“The manifestations of Armenian vandalism are even more ruthless, because it destroys everything in its path - not only cultural monuments, but also mosques, other shrines, cemeteries, residential buildings, all infrastructure, and social facilities,” Mirzabayli noted.

He also noted that along with the destruction of historical, cultural and religious monuments on the Azerbaijani lands during their occupation, Armenia also destroyed Azerbaijani monuments on its territory, trying to erase the traces of the Azerbaijani people there.

"At the same time, the facts of Armenian vandalism on Azerbaijani lands, which shocked all civilized mankind and were reflected in the report of the US State Department, haven’t attracted the attention of UNESCO. The Azerbaijani side's appeals to this organization, made even before the second Karabakh war, remain without response," he said.

“Lack of reaction to the facts of Armenian vandalism by the international organization engaged in the preservation of the heritage belonging to humanity, creates the background for new precedents of the destruction of heritage belonging to certain nations and religious confessions," Mirzabayli said.

Mirzabeyli also said that unfortunately, the US State Department's report does not mention the destruction of monuments belonging to the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of Azerbaijanis in present-day Armenia, and the destruction of not only mosques, but also Christian monuments not belonging to Armenians or the Gregorian Church.

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