Today.Az » Politics » Interior Ministry urges UK Embassy to refute claims on alleged detention of rally goers in Baku
18 May 2022 [12:25] - Today.Az

By Azernews

The Azerbaijani Interior Ministry has urged the UK Embassy in Baku to refute its claim on the alleged detention of rally goers in Baku on May 14, Azernews reports citing the ministry.

“We call on the UK Embassy in Azerbaijan to refute the widespread statement and acknowledge the committed mistake. We hope that the embassy will carry out activities that promote cooperation and sincere dialogue between the two countries, and refuse attempts to create artificial political barriers," added the ministry.

According to the ministry, on May 14, 2022, a group of people held an unsanctioned protest in central Baku. Although the protest was staged in violation of the Azerbaijani law "On freedom of assembly", the police did not intervene and ensured the safety of the participants.

"During the rally, no incidents were recorded, and no one was arrested. However, on the same day, the UK Embassy in Azerbaijan spread misinformation about the serious police interference in the rally and the detention of its many participants. This is unacceptable, and is also unjustified interference in Azerbaijan’s internal affairs,” the ministry said.

Despite the fact that the organizers and participants in this protest stated that it went off without a hitch and that police behavior was satisfactory, the UK Embassy in Azerbaijan misrepresented the event and made accusatory allegations, the ministry underlined.

“We regard this statement as an attempt to undermine the reputation of the police, which are carrying out their official duties,” the statement added.

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