Today.Az » Politics » Ramiz Mehdiyev: "Proposals on changes to Election Code will be presented to Milli Majlis soon"
04 May 2005 [16:07] - Today.Az
"We are ready for the dialogue with the opposition and we make no term for this"-said head of Executive Office of President Ramiz Mehdiyev in his talk to the journalists.

R.Mehdiyev stated that, the late President Heydar Aliyev called on the opposition to dialogue for several times too: "However, the opposition was unable to the dialogue with the authority. They considered that radicalism brings them much prestige not the dialogue with the authority. Ilham Aliyev also called on the opposition to the dialogue when he was elected President. However, the opposition was misunderstanding it. We stated in the meeting with the representatives of the USA Embassy and OSCE that we are ready for the dialogue in any time. The matter is that, which the dialogue will be between. There is weak opposition in one side, and authority responsible and leading the whole processes in Azerbaijan in other side".

Reminding executive secretary of New Azerbaijan Party Ali Ahmadov's addressing to 7 parties 2-3 days ago, R.Mehdiyev said that all is ready for the dialogue: "The time should be determined for the round table with the opposition. If the opposite side agrees with it,the dialogue could be realized".

R.Mehdiyev also stated that, the changes to the Election Code will be of technical character: "This matter is looked through at the moment. Proposals on changes to Election Code will be presented to Milli Majlis (parliament) soon".

R.Mehdiyev said that, the structure of Election commissions will not be changed, this matter will not be discussed at all:"I consider that, the current Election Code ensures for holding fair, democratic elections. We have more concern in holding democratic election than the opposition".

Noting that he has no information whether amnesty will be declared on May 9-10, R.Mehdiyev stated that, it is not surprising that the ambassadors of different countries in Azerbaijan hold meeting with opposition representatives. According to him, this doesn't prevent the progressive processes ongoing in Azerbaijan .R.Mehdiyev also noted that, the authority, the state in Azerbaijan is governed by Ilham Aliyev. President keeps all the processes ongoing in the country under the control.


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