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28 April 2024 [22:00] - Today.Az

Recent data from atomic clocks showed the Earth's rotational speed may be slowing, leading to longer days, Azernews reports citing Anadolu Agency.

In June 2022, the Earth experienced its fastest spin, resulting in the shortest-ever recorded days, it said.

Since then, however, the trend has reversed. For the first time in seven years, the average day lengthened in 2023.

Predictions suggest the slowdown may continue into 2025, with the length of the day potentially reaching +1.63 milliseconds in March 2025, making it the longest since March 2019.

The length of a day is the difference between the time it takes for Earth to complete one full rotation on its axis with respect to the sun, and 86,400 seconds equivalent to 24 hours

The length of a day data is provided by the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service.

Predictions, regarding changes in Earth’s rotational speed, however, are challenging due to the complex motion of Earth's core, oceans, atmosphere and other factors.

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