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19 December 2023 [20:59] - Today.Az

By Azernews

Laman Ismayilova

First snowfall of the season has transformed Azerbaijan's Shusha city into a winter wonderland, covering everything in a white blanket.

The sight of snow-capped trees, frozen streams, and icicles hanging from branches creates a picture postcard scenery that is incomparable.

As the city adorns itself in a glistening blanket of snow, it invites everyone to feel the magic of the enchanting season.

The snow-cloaked landscapes demonstrate the fusion of history and natural splendor, inviting locals and tourists alike to revel in the city's distinct charm.

Known for its historical, architectural, and cultural significance, Shusha holds a special place in the hearts of Azerbaijani people.

This centuries-old city has been a center of the Azerbaijani art, music and literature. The city has been home to many renowned poets, writers, and musicians.

Azerbaijan's cultural capital is dotted with numerous historical and cultural monuments.

The iconic Govhar Agha Mosque, the historic Jidir Duzu Plain and Molla Panah Vagif mausoleum are just a few examples of the city's cultural treasures.

Shusha Castle is considered one of the city's most iconic monuments.The historical core was named "Panahabad fortress".

In 1753, Panah Ali Khan enacted a decree on reconstruction of Shusha Castle amid unfavorable geographical position of Bayat and Shahbulag castles. So, the center of the Garabagh khanate was transferred to Shusha Castle.

Considering its historical and cultural significance, 2022 was declared the Year of Shusha in Azerbaijan.

A number of projects were successfully implemented in Azerbaijan and other countries within the Year of Shusha.

In 2023, Shusha was named the Turkic World Cultural Capital. The decision was made at a meeting of the Permanent Council of Ministers of Culture of the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY) member states held in Bursa, Turkiye.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Culture Ministry, the Special Representative Office of the Azerbaijani president in Shusha as well as the Shusha State Reserve are entrusted with the implementation of the activities related to the events.

Many events of cultural significance, including the Kharibulbul International Folklore Festival, the Korkut Ata Turkic World Film Festival, the Cultural Days of the Turkic People, the Vagif Poetry Days, the International Festival of Children's Creativity, Wonderland Shusha 2023 International Scout Camp, and other events were held in Turkic World Cultural Capital for 2023.

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