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03 April 2024 [14:37] - Today.Az

Laman Ismayilova

The Azerbaijan National Art Museum has opened an exhibition themed "Belarus through the eyes of artists".

The event was co-organised by the Culture Ministries of Azerbaijan and Belarus, the National Art Museums of Azerbaijan and Belarus, and the Belarusian Artists Union Public Union within the Belarusian Cultural Days, Azernews reports.

A total of 35 art pieces by Belarusian artists Anton Vyrvo, Anna Kononova, Gleb Otchik, Anna Sadovskaya, and Vladimir Urodnich were showcased as part of the exhibition.

Many public and cultural figures attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

In their remarks, Belarusian Culture Minister Anatoly Markevich, director of the National Art Museum Farhad Khalilov, Shirin Malikova, chairman of the Azerbaijan Artists' Union, People's Artist Farhad Khalilov, and director of the Belarus National Art Museum Anna Kononova hailed the high level of relations between the two countries.

They underlined that the exhibition of Belarusian artists in Baku will open new horizons for future successful cooperation.

After the official part, the event participants were briefed about the main theme of the exhibition.

In 2024, Belarus celebrates the 80th anniversary of liberation from the Nazi invaders. By creating picturesque landscapes as a tribute to the memory of the defenders during those historical events, Belarusian artists Anton Vyrvo, Anna Kononova, Gleb Otchik, Anna Sadovskaya, and Vladimir Urodnich offer to comprehend the beauty and value of a peaceful creative life.

The art pieces convey a special, unique aura of Belarusian nature, urban and rural landscapes. Each of the artists offers their own interpretations of the picturesque landscape through the prism of patriotic themes.

The beauty of nature on the canvases is depicted with sincere love for the native land.

Founded in 1937, the National Art Museum offers art connoisseurs some of the best examples of decorative-applied arts of Western Europe.

Over 3,000 items in 60 rooms are on permanent display at the museum, and around 12,000 items are kept in storage. Here, you can see masterpieces of the Italian, French, German, and Polish masters of brush.

The museum has successfully organised and hosted numerous high-level international exhibitions, showcasing the works of renowned artists. These exhibitions have not only attracted art enthusiasts but have also contributed to the cultural exchange between Azerbaijan and other countries.

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