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12 April 2022 [13:21] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Laman Ismayilova

Azerbaijan State University of Culture (ASUCA) and Arts turns 100 this year.

A series of events are being held in partnership with the foreign embassies as part of the celebration.

A project "Parallel Worlds" has been launched to mark the university's centenary.

The main goal of the project is to celebrate both anniversaries through joint activities of the Embassies operating in Azerbaijan and ASUCA students in order to form a level of sustainable cooperation.

The initial stage of the project features various artistic events with participation of the teachers and students of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, the Embassies of the Hungary, Greece, Italy, Spain and Mexico in Azerbaijan. 

The artistic events provide insight into the history, culture and art of these countries. The project will continue in 2023.

Azerbaijan-Hungary diplomatic ties

The first event within the project "Parallel Worlds" was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Azerbaijan and Hungary.

Hungary recognized Azerbaijan's independence on December 26, 1991. The diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 1992.

Over the past years, the two countries have enjoyed fruitful cooperation which has deep historical and cultural roots.

Azerbaijan and Hungary successfully cooperate in the field of literature, music, theater, cinema, fine arts, and education. Moreover, Hungarian Gyongyos and Azerbaijani Shusha become sister cities. 

In the Footsteps of the White Stag

The concept of the project "In the Footsteps of the White Stag" reflects the ancient symbol (white stag) in the cultures of the two countries.

The event started with a lecture by the Counselor for Education and Culture of the Hungarian Embassy in Azerbaijan Mihaly Gruber. 

The lecture  "Legends of Hungary" explains the mythological aspect of Budapest's famous and interesting monuments, while the photo exhibition presented by photographer, art-curator and traveler Aydin Sadikhov shows the images of monuments from unique angles.

Aydin Sadikhov is the author of many interesting international cultural projects and photo exhibitions. His photo works have been successfully held in Hungary, Greece, Poland, Israel and other countries.

In 2020, the photographer was awarded with the Hungarian Bronze Cross of Merit for the strengthening of the Hungarian-Azerbaijani cultural ties, 

The resolution on the decoration was signed by the Hungarian President Janos Ader.

The Hungarian Bronze Cross of Merit was presented to the national photographer by the Hungarian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Viktor Szederkenyi. 

The photographer captured Hungarian's architectural masterpieces in the cities of  Budapest, Esztergom, Visegrad, Eger, Miskolc, Szeged, Gyor and Sopron.

All photos selected for this exhibition are absolutely stunning, as they are associated with famous urban and sometimes mystical legends.

The event provided a unique opportunity to learn more about the Castle of Diosgyor where according to legends, the elixir of beauty and youth was made and hidden; the Anonymous Statue dedicated to the   unknown chronicler who wrote  "Gesta Hungarorum" (The Deeds of the Hungarians); the fortress walls of the ancient city Scarbantia; the history of the House Apatur; the Eger Castle, the story about Istvan Dobo and the legend of creation of the famous Hungarian drink "Bull's Blood"; Turul Bird Statue known as the national symbol of Hungarians; the Liberty Statue and the interesting legends associated with its creation; Visegrad Castle and Solomon's Tower, where according to legend Count Vlad Tepes was imprisoned; and of course the most interesting legends about the stone lions of the iconic Chain Bridge. 

Unique tapestry and musical performances

Furthermore, the  guests of the event viewer beautiful tapestry created by students of the Decorative Art Department

The image of the deer common for the Azerbaijani and Hungarian folklore was represented through various tapestry techniques and stylistic solutions, including classic tapestry, kilim, decorative painting, etc. 

The artistic coordinators were PhDs in Art Studies Saltanat Rzaveya and Gulara Salayeva.

The musical program consists of two parts. First, the students of the Music Department refer to the Hungarian classical heritage and perform the works by Franz Liszt.

The artistic coordinators of the musical program included Turkar Gasimzadeh, Leyla Aslanova, Rashad Kazimov, Leyla Aliyeva.

Next, Cadenza Orchestra thrilled the audience with music pieces by Bala Bartak, Gyorgy Ligeti.

Founded in 2016, Cadenza orchestra aims at preserving the traditions of modern musical performance in Azerbaijan and developing  the traditions of modern musical ensembles created in the country.

The artistic director of the orchestra is the composer Turkar Gasimzade.

It is no coincidence that the event was held on Hungarian Poetry Day. The students of the  Theater Faculty delighted the listeners with Sandor Petofi's poetry.

In conclusion, the students who took part in the event were awarded with certificates. 

Notably, the project leader is the Advisor to the Rector of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture (ASUCA)  Sevil Karimova, the project coordinators include  the Counselor for Education and Culture of the Hungarian Embassy in Azerbaijan Mihaly Gruber and famous photographer Aydin Sadikhov. 

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