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05 April 2010 [19:00] - Today.Az

A parade will be held in Moscow devoted to Victory Day May 9. Along with officials from CIS member states, veterans of the Great Patriotic War (World War II) will also attend it.

We all know that Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan's government is unfamiliar with concepts such as honesty, conscience and justice. But the fact that he may speculate on individuals who shed their blood and lost their loved ones is something new and unexpected.

Recently, Armenian media reported that the country will send 10 veterans to Moscow, including veterans from the unrecognized “Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.”

The Armenian government's goals are unclear in taking such steps.

Anyway, everyone knows that a couple of veterans living in the occupied territories will travel to Moscow with passports issued by Armenia. Otherwise, it will be impossible to leave the country. During the parade, the veterans will not shout the name of the region from which they heil. They also will not carry the flags of the country of residence.

The veterans will not show their IDs or any other documents that state their place of residence. They also are not going to voice political slogans. They most probably will not speak at all. All of them are simply veterans of the Great Patriotic War whose single purpose is to celebrate the anniversary of Victory Day. And nothing more.

The Armenian Presidential Administration seemingly wants to play around once again with cheap propaganda, so it can later say that representatives of the unrecognized and breakaway “NKR” attended the parade.

Administration officials just do not know how to behave, it seems. They are in complete and utter despair, because they know that sooner or later they will have to liberate Azerbaijan's occupied lands and they have been losing the informational war for several years in a row. Also, the country is facing a crisis and chaos amid a destroyed national economy.

They are tired of pleasing the Armenian diaspora, which is sitting at home comfortably in Paris, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires, and playing games counter to the interests of the Armenians living in Armenia.

So, it will not be surprising if the Armenian veterans opt to stay in Russia after their trip to Moscow.

H. Hamidov

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