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19 February 2010 [19:27] - Today.Az

Corruption is not considered something unusual around the world. It is some kind of eternal value, passed on from generation to generation, and few people perceive it as something unnatural. To make it short, it's just part of life or even the lifestyle for some.

It has recently become known how much the Armenian elite earned from the Karabakh war. The media has published information on the property and business of Armenia’s top authorities. A list of possessions of President Serzh Sargsyan, his brother Sashik, ex-President Robert Kocharian, Parliamentary Speaker Hovik "Mouse" Abrahamian, Prime Minister Tigran Sarkisian, oligarch Gagik Tsarukyan (Dodi Gago) and others of that ilk were provided in detail.

The list was provided by Smbat Karakhanyan, head of the Moscow-based Miabanutyun Armenian National Club. The fact that the " Karakhanyan list" was published is quite appropriate. Armenia is in such a terrible state that they need to count every penny, especially if this belongs to people and has been misappropriated.

This testifies that Armenia lacks a truly state system able to protect national, state and territorial interests and the interests of ordinary citizens.

"The power in the country is composed of oligarchs, criminals and foreign proteges who have accessed it via falsification and and pressure. Of course, these groups serve interests of their bosses and they do not care about the problems of majority of population. They are engaged in betraying national interests, economic and financial fraud and playing with the rate of dram and deception with the quality of gas supplied to homes. Imagine that the government owns about 85 percentof all assets and enterprises of the country, including illegal traffic, and controls nearly 90 percent of financial flows," Karakhanyan says.

The peculiarity of oligarchic structures and corruption schemes in Armenia entails a strong presence of crime. Oligarchs, corrupt officials and criminals are gathered around the top of the pyramid made up by a clan of those from Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenian media notes that, in fact, most members of the clan are not from Karabakh, but they are forced to act by the rules dictated by the top of the pyramid.

Armenia has not yet developed serious anti-corruption legislation unlike from other countries of the former Soviet Union. Armenian oligarchs, top officials export capital and carry out money laundering in different countries and offshore islands throughout the world. According to the press publications, the U.S. intelligence services have also noticed an attempt of money laundering by Armenia’s oligarchs and corrupt officials and their proxies in their country.

Media in neighboring countries indicate that a number of drug trafficking routes pass through Armenia along the southern border up to the main railway stations and airports in Yerevan and Gyumri, where the goods pass through Georgia by railroad onwards to Ukraine, as well as by air to Russia's city of Novorossiysk and Anapa (partially settling in Russia) and finally to Europe.

Armenian media describe everything through the prism of the reign of corruption and crime, and stress the redistribution of property after the terrorist attack in the parliament of this country, rampant actions of the Nagorno-Karabakh natives while it makes no single mention why these dirty actions go unpunished. However, the answer is obvious: they survive because of the low reckless scheme called Miatsum. Former mechanical engineer Robert Kocharian and former member of the Komsomol Serzh Sargsyan led Armenians to the slaughter.

Many has managed to fool people. But why this way? One needs to possess such perverted imagination and essence to commit such a crime.

Let's forget that the author of the article is an Azerbaijani citizen for a moment. Let’s have a look from aside. Did Armenia’s ordinary citizens need it? Do you think they are living better than before the conflict? And why should the organizers of the “show” earn with the help of "clients" by killing the "clients” themselves?

Armenians took to the streets on March 1, 2008. They were shot. And they will shoot in the future, too. The price of the question is the billions earned for 22 years of the Karabakh conflict.

It is up to you to make conclusions, dear neighbors!

K. Guluzade
Day.Az writer

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