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03 February 2010 [16:00] - Today.Az

The Armenian government has tried to settle historic Azerbaijani lands on many occasions during their occupation. To do this, some resettlement or settlement programs were elaborated and some funds were allocated from time to time. They have attempted to settle people in the occupied and unpopulated territories after military action. But very few people agreed to live there. Only those who sought at least some shelter have settled in these areas.

They were mainly Armenians, but not other nationalities. However, Armenians from Karabakh and other parts of Azerbaijan and Armenia refused to live in the occupied territories.

However, the sick mentality of the Armenian rulers kept them thinking about the unsettled occupied territories. As a result, recently, I dare to assume, being in despair after another failure (due to their own fault) in the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the normalization of relations with Turkey, they decided to develop a so-called "concept of governmental demographic policies" designed exclusively to settle Azerbaijani lands.

It is not clear what the concept implies. Local authorities studiously keep silent about their plans. They claim "this document will be fundamental for government and community authorities in addressing issues related to fertility, health, education, migration, demographic development and so on.”

Such a description arises even more interest in the concept. The government of this neighboring country is truly intriguing since it still remains unclear how they will increase the population of the occupied lands.

You can, of course, guess, because there are not so many ways of increasing the population. Of course, cloning would be the ideal way of settlement. So what?

For example, Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian, Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharian, or Diaspora Affairs Minister Hranush Hakobyan can be cloned. They can be cloned in large numbers to develop the vast expanses of Azerbaijani lands.

Unfortunately, today, cloning is still a very expensive form of reproduction. I am afraid that our neighbors will not be able to afford to clone even the very Serzh Sargsyan. So, this method of increasing the population does not suit the Armenian authorities.

There is also a more natural way of doing it as in the case of China or India and across the world. This is the cheapest method. Unfortunately, no one will take this step voluntarily in a neighboring country. But if you insist, you can be held accountable for it.  

We mentioned ways of resettlement above. The prospects of inviting foreigners, who can lose their property once Azerbaijan recovers control over these territories, to live in the occupied territories, do not seem optimistic either.

Theoretically, it is possible that Armenia has come up with some way of increasing the population. Perhaps, they have decided to do it by division, pollination, or budding. One can expect anything odd from this country. After all, it was them who a few years ago announced to the world that they have allegedly found a cure for AIDS. In fact, they only stirred the faded hopes of people suffering this terrible disease.

Well, we have no choice but to observe how the concept of demographic policy will be realized. We are watching this process with a smile on our faces ...

H. Hamidov

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