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10 December 2009 [14:49] - Today.Az

Hamid Hamidov
Day.Az writer

The world celebrates New Year. Obviously, separatists also celebrate New Year and representatives of the so-called “Nagorno-Karabakh Republic” are among them. One can understand them. They want to break the monotony of their dreary lives at least once a year.

Recently Armenian media reported about a truly wonderful event for them – they are setting up a Christmas tree in the Armenian-occupied Khankandi town which they say will host the “country's” Christmas tree.

This is an artificial tree just as the separatist establishment itself. The tree has a height of 16 meters. Interesting enough, it will be set up in two weeks. They do not say why it will take so long. The world’s highest Christmas trees are usually set up in New York and Paris, but their installation takes much less time. More likely, separatists will call their Christmas tree – to be set up through the donation of the Armenian lobby – the largest and the most beautiful, or, at worst, the most unusual Christmas tree in the world.

What’s more interesting, the 16-meter-high artificial tree was brought to the “NKR” from Hong Kong. So, Armenian historians will certainly mention it in their works calling it "the greatest tree brought from Hong Kong – another historic land of the Armenians.” Because the Armenians already have a great deal of experience claiming other people's lands. However, neighboring Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia will never let them lie.  

The Christmas tree has been imported by Karabakh-based Kansler Ltd. upon the order of the so-called “government” of the self-declared entity. Why did this company decide not to order the tree from somewhere nearby, for example Russia or Ukraine, but rather faraway Hong Kong. Russia is much closer and purchasing and transporting the tree would cost much less.

It seems that, in a similar move, the “NKR” will import two or three sacks of barley from Chile on the occasion of the Army Day Jan. 27 and salty pancakes from Canada on occasion of the Day of St. Sarkis, the patron of lovers, (just imagine, Armenia and “NKR” have their own holiday like Valentine's Day) Feb. 7. According to tradition, young people eat salty pancakes coupled with a syrup. The separatists will certainly order colored eggs from Indonesia for Easter.

Finally, separatists will invite their former fellow countrymen from Argentina to tell them about the beautiful and peaceful life in South America on the Day of National Identity Aug. 11.

To speak seriously, Kansler Ltd. seems simply to make a profit out of "strategic state orders.” By purchasing the Christmas tree from Hong Kong they not only make the price several times higher, but also make it hard to check the real value of the 16-meter-high tree.

Indeed, there is another option. The deal with the Hong Kong manufacturers of the artificial Christmas tree has been concluded with the full support of “NKR” "President" Bako Saakovich. All is quite logical. The "budget" of the separatists is formed exclusively by voluntary donations from Armenians living abroad, but not from lucrative sources such as taxes and customs duties since the breakaway republic has none of this.

A country or a family is usually careful about its budget and appreciates every penny it earns. But this is not a case with Saakyan and his inner circles.

For them, the “NKR” “budget” is just money sent by their rich brothers and sisters abroad. The money is small. And they fail to spend it usefully. There is nothing and nobody to spend the money on.

So, Saakyan and Co. have no other choice but to misappropriate budget funds. He has to do it very often. It is much easier than spending his own money. He could spend both in Armenia and abroad. But funds from the “country’s” budget cannot be spent abroad. The only way to save money is to make them… Or to order a Christmas tree from Hong Kong once a year.

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