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03 November 2009 [18:16] - Today.Az

By Jamile
Day.Az writer

One day Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian convenes an irregular meeting with his deputies in his study.

Shavarsh Kocharian was the first to come, as always. For some reason all would come to his ears after everything else – he coordinates with Nalbandian one, but talks to media the other.

And we know about it not by hearsay… But let’s be back to Edward’s study.

The next to enter his study was Karina Kazinian clicking her heels. She was followed by Arman Kirakasia, limping slightly.

So, Edward stood up from his pepperwort, walking nervously to and fro and thinking about something. Suddenly, he cried:

- It is necessary to do something! It won’t do! Serzh should be saved! Each of us is thinking about ourselves – it is clear. But it is high time to think a little bit about nation, motherland, Armenians, at least. We kept silence and finished badly. Absolutely all are dissatisfied. Well, people went on strike in the streets, we were silent, parties voiced their dissatisfaction, we kept silent. We know how to make all to be silent in Armenia…

However, it is impossible to close eyes on protests of Diaspora. Do you know what it might lead to finally? Do you realize? Ah, you are for nothing, you only listen without understanding! But I could invent something! Let’s send Serzh to cruise, tour, round-the-world voyage, you only say, it makes no difference to me.

This time Shavarsh broke:

- Is the president aware of that?

- Just to your notice, Shavarshik, Mr. President does not sleep whole nights now! Mr. President is thinking how to rescue himself! What policy you are speaking about! Soon you will think about the rate of dram*, when Diaspora will cease feeding us with money! You find nothing to do? You’d better to deal with your next interview, call on anyone just to ask to publish your rubbish talks; you will do good at least! The best there is to distract the public attention!

Gently attempting to support his counterpart Kirakosian inquired humbly:

- What will Mr. President do during the tour?

- What a question? He will try to coax the Diaspora, speak about the “genocide” and take his utmost to soften their position.

And you, Karinushka**, do make arrangements as usual. You know well what the president may need in his tour. Let them prepare a text of the president’s address to the Diaspora, and something convincing!...

Dispatching his deputies on “missions”, Nalbandian sit comfortably in his warm chair and thought: “What should we do further? How will Armenia end the deadlock? What else does Serzh need? In his life he has made achievements which he had never dreamed – he became the president of Armenia, no matter through which ways!

Karabakh is quasi a borne in our throat! On one hand, in a meeting with Diaspora Sargsyan could agree to return Karabakh … he might agree… though… what he would not like to be exactly is to become a mechanic anew… and me also!”


* Dram – national currency of Armenia
** Karinushka – pet name for Karina

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