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16 March 2024 [19:36] - Today.Az

By Fatime Letifova

The resolution adopted by the European Parliament on March 13, 2024, on "Closer ties between the EU and Armenia and the need for a peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia" is the first sign of how this institution will turn Pashinyan's government into a tool in the fight against Russia.

Currently, Armenia has entered into such an abstract game that even it is powerless to overcome it.

According to Armenia, alliance with Europe and the West is the only way to be safe from and fully protected from foreign influence. However, the world experience and what happened in Ukraine have already shown the results of counting on the West.

Pashinyan, who relied on the West's empty promises and caused Putin's aggression, is willingly or unwillingly have to obey the orders of the European Union. The EU undoubtedly aims to indirectly suppress Russia's position in the region, not to protect the benefits of Armenia.

This scenario, in fact, cannot be considered new at all. If we look at the events that have taken place in the world under the influence of the European Union before, it is enough to look not far away, but in the north, at the war between Ukraine and Russia, which has been going on for over a couple of years.

A few years ago, some European countries pledged to include Ukraine in the Union and called for being against to Russia, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, on the eve of the war with Russia, petitioned the European Union and expressed his wish to join the EU.

The petition, addressed on February 28, 2022, was answered on June 23, which resulted in granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for membership in the European Union.

This decision was actually intended to annoy Russia rather than benefit Ukraine. Because similar events took place in the recent history of neighbouring Georgia.

Europe has never been involved in direct war. It mission is to send its victims to hell by getting them illusioned through a picture of heaven.

For example, French President Emmanuel Macron had recently launched a new initiative saying that NATO member states could have sent troops to Ukraine to fight Russia. So what happened? The reaction of the leaders of the European Union member states to his proposal was quite harsh - Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Sweden and others said no to what Macron said, and even called the 'boldly acting' president crazy.

That proves that the West's intentions are not to stand by a country which actually needs help, but to pursue its own interests.

At the same time, clauses claiming that the presence of the Russian military in Armenian lands worries the European Parliament and hinders the "observation" mission are also reflected in the resolution.

Let us recall that in Prague on October 6, 2022, Azerbaijan agreed to the deployment of an EU monitoring mission to Armenia, hoping that it would help the process of normalising relations between Baku and Yerevan. However, despite the clearly defined parameters and objectives of the mission agreed upon at the highest level, the monitoring mission's activities have been accompanied by serious deviations from the agreements reached in Prague due to the biased approach of some EU member states.

It should be noted that the biased policy of some European countries towards Azerbaijan is not only in the political realm.

For example, a model of the SOM-B1 missile purchased by Azerbaijan from Turkiye was demonstrated during a parade in Azerbaijan in 2018. This missile is Turkiye's first cruise missile.

Moreover, we also know that the SOM missiles powered by the TR40 turbo-active engine are a product of the French company Safran. In that case, France took the advantage and created problems for the export of missiles to Turkiye and prevented the export to Azerbaijan.

While France does not see any problem in selling hundreds of weapons of its own production to Armenia, it is clearly hypocrisy that one detail of the missile produced in Turkiye is an excuse for not selling the weapon to Azerbaijan. But France's biased policy is not new towards Azerbaijan, as we have seen plenty of such events in the history.

Another Turkish-made weapon, the T-155 FIRTINA self-propelled artillery unit was planned to use some systems of the German-made howitzer "PzH 2000" on the prototype, but the German Federal Security Council also imposed a ban on the export of this weapon. At the end howitzer was sold to Azerbaijan with products purchased from the South Korean company Samsung Techwin.

Many European countries not only sell weapons to Armenia, but also hinder Azerbaijan's trade. For Armenia, this looks like a partnership with a naive view.

Thus, the Pashinyan government believes in these lies, and is taking the country down into the abyss as well as causing a huge threat for the future of the South Caucasus. The West on the other hand, continues its policy of creating tension in the South Caucasus.

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