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03 November 2015 [11:21] - Today.Az

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By Amina Nazarli

The frantic pace of modern life has made us look for a source of additional energy. Today, many young people, teenagers and even adults become energized with drinking a jar of this allegedly cool and stylish energy drinks.

These beverages seem helpful for students during their exams, employees during their laden days, sportsmen during competitions and clubbers and those who are tired but want to be peppy.

Just a few people are worried about the harms of these beverages. Many believe that they amount to a fuel for the human body.

If advertisements are right, these beverages promote our energy, nice mood and create opportunities to be cheerful during even hectic days.

However, the manufacturers say nothing about the dangers of energy drinks.

So, are they really a magic potion which are able to make us active, to relieve our fatigue, to help mental works and to make us cool athletes and dancers? Let's take a look at it.

Energy drink is a recent invention, which has come into fashion in recent years. However, they include components that were used during a quite ancient time.

In the Middle East, people used coffee; in Southeast Asia and China, tea; in the South America it was a mate, while in Africa, cola nuts. Meanwhile, in modern life such plants as ginseng and lemongrass have become very popular.

Such drinks may seem harmless at first glance but the reality is different.

Manufacturers of energy drinks argue that they have absolutely no harm to our health. But they immediately rush to remind us not to use more than two cans a day. Why not? So it means that the harms still exist.

Actually, energy drinks contain no sources of energy and they pull their energy from the human body's reserves.

The effect of energy drinks is temporary and then it is replaced with even more fatigue. If after this drink, you don't give a good rest to your body and drink another cup of coffee or black tea, your fatigue would remain in place.

The main point is that, energy drinks contain a large amount of caffeine and sugar. A large amount of caffeine literally sucks all the juice out of our body and has a negative impact on the nerve system. The caffeine is slowly eliminated from the body, although it effects our organism last for about 3 hours. Besides, caffeine is addictive. Caffeine is also a good diuretic, so the use of these drinks after exercise is undesirable. They can lead not only to deterioration of health, but also to the loss of life. Meanwhile, the well-known case was when 18 year-old Irish basketball player Ross Cooney died right on the court after three cans of this drink.

Docent of Azerbaijan Medical University, National Poison Center Toxicologist Ismail Efendiyev said that some people become addicted to energy drinks because the drinks contain caffeine. In general, caffeine-addicted people are called coffeeman. Some of them can not live without a few cups of coffee, others drink a few cans of energy drinks in a day.

"If we drink them too much, our organism would get accustomed to them," he stressed.

Efendiyev said then if we do not use a certain dose of caffeine, we would feel weakness, headache, pain in the joints. However, if we stop drinking caffeine, a week later we would feel completely normal.

There are mixed opinions about energy drinks among doctors. Some say that they are not so useful, but at the same time they do not pose any danger to our body if we drink them properly. Others flatly reject them as harmful products.

"A few years ago, a man was brought to toxicology who had drunk twelve cans of energy drink, and as a result, he was severely poisoned," Efendiyev said.

Doctors don't recommend us to drink energy drinks too often. They call on us to minimize the amount of their use as much as possible.

Energy drinks are not recommended for pregnant women, children and adolescents. In addition, these beverages have negative effects on people suffering from high-blood pressure, glaucoma, cardiovascular disease, sleep disorders and neuroses or who suffer from an allergy to caffeine. Doctors do not recommend to mix them with alcohol.

In a nutshell, all that is used more than the norm can hurt our body.

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