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25 August 2015 [13:30] - Today.Az

By Laman Sadigova - AzerNews 

Every office has that one person who just bothers everyone with his or her nasty and annoying habits.

No matter how talented you are or how amazing a job you do, if you want to earn friends, you should watch your behavior.

Surely, every workplace has its own rules and traditions, but here are some common things that you should not do:

Stop gossiping!

Seriously, nobody likes gossip because nobody is immune from it. People make themselves look terrible when they get carried away with gossiping about other people.

Perhaps it may seem enjoyable and funny the first time, but it starts to bother employees after a while.

Stop complaining!

If you disturb everyone during the lunch with complaints, you will be the number one hatred person in the office. Nobody wants to listen to how much you hate your job, about the above neighbor that was loud last night, or how your mother-in-law is ruining your life.

Do not eat at your work desk!

I am sure you do not think that your colleagues like it when the whole office smells like a canteen, not to mention the sound of chewing.

Stop telling lies!

Of course many lies begin with only good intentions, but lies have a tendency to grow until they are finally discovered and once everyone knows you are a liar, there is no way to clean up your reputation.

Cease all annoying noises!

It often bothers people when someone forgets their phone at the desk and it does not stop ringing; especially when the music is loud and irritating. Also, there is a category of people who cannot speak at the volume level of an average person. Their voice is always heard and overpowers the general hum of the office.

All in all, I want to say that office work can be very stressful, and different, people are not always nice to you, and can drive you to have a nervous breakdown. Of course, you should not do things that will surely annoy everyone, but at least try to be a brighter version of yourself and take it easy!

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