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08 May 2013 [09:00] - Today.Az

Dear Friends,

On 9 May the next art-evening will take place on the Creative Stage of UNS Theatre as part of the “Indi” experimental inter-disciplinary project that is designed to bring together exponents of various forms of contemporary art.

We are pleased to announce that the “Indi” project organised by the YARAT Contemporary Art Space is becoming international! On this occasion we propose you become acquainted with the work of a young Egyptian artist Salam Yousry through his “Choir” project. The author has all but a week to create a close-knit team who will only have met each other for the first time on 2 May this year.

The unique nature of the project lies in the fact that the “Choir” members can include people of all ages and professions who possess musical instruments but have never before in their lives tried to give a performance in music and singing. Whatever you did previously, the “Choir” will also teach you to become a member of a team and to freely express your thoughts and feelings through music and improvisation.

The idea of the “Choir” originated in Cairo and was then successfully staged in Alexandria, Amman, Beirut, London, Munich, Berlin, Paris and Istanbul. The Baku Evening will be the culmination of a week-long master class that takes place from 2nd to 10th May.

The project is being sponsored by Bank Technique.

The Evening starts at 19.00

Entrance is free.

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