Today.Az » Your Corner » Armenia's ethnic cleansing policy: facts on deportations in ?revan, Alaverdi, and Zangazur
21 June 2023 [18:30] - Today.Az

By Azernews

Qabil Ashirov

Not having a lesson from the last happenings, Armenia continues to draw water to its own mill by manipulating the facts. Especially after a humiliating defeat in the 44-day War in 2020, the country's irrational foreign policy against its neighbors reached to impasse. First up, Armenians started to reproach their allies not sacrificing themselves on behalf of Armenia during the war. Seeing that it does not work, they changed their strategy and commenced to perform a scene of an oppressed one. Frankly saying, Armenians are master actors in this performance as it is national folklore of them. The last such barefaced performance was acted by the Armenian Foreign Ministry on world refugee day. The Armenian Foreign Ministry posted a tweet and accused Azerbaijan of allegedly ethnic cleansing and implored to the international community to focus on it.

Reading the tweet, some could think that the Ministry is wrapping the world around their little finger. Because it was not Azerbaijan, but Armenia who stacked local Azerbaijanis into the cattle wagons without food, and half-naked in the mid-winter and expelled them from Kapan, a city compact-settled by Muslims, to Azerbaijan in 1987. Immediately, after the completion of Kapan's deportation in February 1988, Armenians in Karabakh made protests and claimed self-determination. Over 30 years, Armenian statesmen and public figures have tried to separate these two events and din into minds that the overlapping of time was just a coincidence. However, the interviews of then-officials, especially Igor Muradyan, with international media outlets confirm that it was not a coincidence but deliberate deeds, because Armenians feared that Azerbaijanis in Kapan could claim self-determination like Armenians in Karabakh. They were not limited to Kapan, the same crime i.e. ethnic cleansing was reiterated by Armenians in ?revan (today's Yerevan), Alaverdi, and Zangazur.

Thousands of local Azerbaijanis and Muslim Kurds expelled from Armenia found shelter in Azerbaijan. Later, the "civilized" compatriots of "little and proud" Armenia attacked cities and villages located in Karabakh and adjoined districts and invaded them. These “civilized” chauvinists killed, raped, and looted thousands of Azerbaijani citizens. It is worth noting that not only Azerbaijanis but also Meskhetins and Muslim Kurds were subjected to Armenian terror in Karabakh. Hatred against other nations has turned Armenians into blind to such an extent that they see other nations as a political instrument. In an interview with a British Journalist Thomas de Waal, Igor Muradian stated that Azerbaijanis were the instruments of power … and we weren’t interested in their fate and we’re not interested now. Shepherded by such chauvinist ideology, they turned multinational Armenia and Karabakh into a mono-ethnic regions populated only by Armenians.

Relating to the invasion of Azerbaijani lands by Armenians, the UN adopted four resolutions calling on Armenian Armed Groups to withdraw immediately. However, Armenia shamelessly ignored these resolutions and even claimed that they had created a buffer zone.

The world has witnessed a myriad of wars for thousands of years, and no invaders have driven out local civilians, except Armenians. Even Adolf Hitler, the most notorious dictator in the world, did not commit such kind of crime. However, as is said, after rain comes fairy weather. With the help of Azerbaijani's grandiose victory in 2020, Armenians understood that no crime can evade justice forever. Azerbaijan liberated most of the lands that had been carved out by Armenia. Just now, Azerbaijan pushes for Armenia to sign the peace agreement and to stop supporting separatism in Karabakh and to allow refugees, more precisely Azerbaijanis and Muslim Kurds, to return to their hometowns in Armenia. However, Armenia fidgets to evade taking responsibility. In vain, hoping for external assistance, Armenia grasps at straws to gain time. Armenia, so to say, is a suitcase without a handle. No one can save this failed state in the South Caucasus but only rational foreign police and peace with other neighbors. So, we advise Armenians to give up heinous behaviors and find the way leading to peace.

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