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04 February 2010 [18:47] - Today.Az
Azerbaijan will host international tournament on ice climbing for the first time.

The championship is expected to be held on a frozen waterfall near the Laza village of the Gusar region on Feb. 5-7, Azerbaijani Air and Extreme sports Federation said.

Russian, South Korean and Georgian athletes are expected to attend the championship.

Increase in temperature caused melting of ice at some waterfalls recently.

Over 30 athletes from several teams including Ekosport of the Federation, West University Sports Club, A+A club, Mountain Training School, the Azerbaijani Architecture and Construction University, Salavat club of the Gusar region, Extrim of the Gakh region, Mountain Bee of the Zagatala and Steppe Leopard of  the Agdjabedi hold intensive training despite the climate obstacles.

Local athletes, who succeed in passing the first qualification tournament, consisting of two rounds, will able to compete with foreign athletes in the second round.

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