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06 September 2010 [13:15] - Today.Az

Orbital Sciences Corporation, the manufacturer of the Azerbaijani telecommunications satellite Azercpace, has started its manufacture, Ali Abbasov, Minister of Communications and Information Technologies said on the Third International Conference "Problems of Cybernetics and Informatics (PCI'2010)", which started its work in Baku.

The International telecommunication Union has allocated a location for Azerspace at 23.2 and 95.9 degrees east. ITU introduced Azerbaijan list of countries, whose satellites will also be located at the above positions. The most priority is the negotiation of issues at the positions of 43.2, 58.5 and 95.9 degrees east. The main purpose is to coordinate early resolution of issues so that no problems with subscribers occur in the future.

The ministry has signed a long-term contract on leasing an orbital position for Azerspace with the Malaysian satellite operator MEASAT. Azerbaijani Azerspace telecommunications satellite is designed to provide digital broadcasting, Internet access, data transmission, a multi-service networks VSAT, as well as governmental communications

Azerspace will be equipped with 24 transponders C band and 12 transponders Ku band. The satellite will be placed in orbit at 46 degrees east longitude. The satellite's term is 20 years. Its service area will cover Europe, Central Asia and Africa. Azerbaijan's capital investment in the project is approximately 319 million manat; 127 million will be spent on operating costs. The payback period is six years, and the income will reach 176 million manat.

The income from the Azerspace national telecommunications satellite will reach roughly 495 million manat. Incomes will amount to 176 million manat. The received revenue will be spent to the country's technological development.

"Azerspace is expected to launch in July-August 2012, after which it is planned to launch the next project, and eventually several satellites," the minister said earlier.


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