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06 September 2010 [14:10] - Today.Az

American CNN International has featured a report about the life and death of Azerbaijan's national hero Chingiz Mustafayev whose video materials about the Khojaly tragedy made it known to the world.

The report features the barbaric murder of innocent residents of Khojaly - hundreds of infants, children and elderly persons for the only reason of their being Azerbaijanis. The author of the program Sevinj Osmangyzy said “though 18 years have passed since he died no report about Chingiz Mustafayev can excel what he had done himself”.

Armenian Assembly of America conducted a campaign to prevent broadcasting of the report. But their efforts did not give any result at all. The report about Chingiz Mustafayev will be broadcast at one of the popular news television programs of World View five times within four days. CNN International with over 800m people watching it is broadcast in 212 countries via 23 satellites.


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