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31 October 2006 [20:45] - Today.Az
Azerbaijan Court of Grave Crimes today continued the trial of the gang led by Haji Mammadov, former high-ranking official of the Interior Ministry Crime Investigation Department.

Adalet Aliyev, the father of criminalist Rovshen Aliyev gave testimony. He said that he has no information about the relations of his son with Haji Mammadov.

Then Irade Guliyeva, the wife of murdered Rovshen Aliyev gave testimony. She said that her husband told him that he traced the criminal gang kidnapping people in Baku a day before he was murdered and asked us to be careful. "He said that the Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov told him about the criminal gang. He said the president will receive Garalov today, and give him sanction for the arrest of the gang. He also said that Haji Mammadov told him to be careful. I do not believe that Haji Mammadov killed Rovshen. They were close friends. I heard about if from Adil Ismayilov. My husband did not say the name of the gang leader. If he did I would kill Haji Mammadov," she said.

Irade Guliyeva answered the questions of the lawyer Adil Ismayilov.

Then Adil Ismayilov asked Haji Mammadov to tell everything about this crime to the trial as the latter promises to do it every time. "I have no right to talk before Rovshen Aliyev's children. I was made murder Rovshen. I am not a human," he said.

There was a pause after which a doctor examining Haji Mammadov said that he cannot give testimony because of high blood pressure.

The trial will continue on November 1, APA reports.

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