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22 January 2024 [19:11] - Today.Az

Abbas Ganbay

Ferry "Ordubad," belonging to the sea transport fleet of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company CJSC (ASCO), has returned to operation after repair, Azernews reports, citing ASCO.

Repair works were carried out at "Zyg" ship repair and construction plant. In particular, hull welding, pipe installation, and electrical installation were carried out, and pumps for various purposes were repaired.

The underwater and above-water parts of the vessel and the car deck were cleaned and painted.

The vessel is 154.55 m long, 18.3 m wide, and has a maximum speed of 15 knots.

This vessel, a proud member of the maritime transport fleet of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company CJSC (ASCO), had been in the dry dock for repairs. Now, it was ready to return to the azure waters, ready to serve again.

The "Ordubad" is no ordinary ferry. It's a symbol of Azerbaijan's maritime prowess, a testament to the country's rich history of seafaring that dates back to 1858. Named after the town of Ordubad in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, a landlocked exclave of Azerbaijan, the ferry carries more than just passengers and cargo. It carries the spirit of a nation that has always looked to the sea for prosperity and progress.

The ASCO, also known as CASPAR, is the backbone of Azerbaijan's maritime industry. With a fleet of 98 vessels, including 35 tankers, 15 ferries, 14 universal dry-cargo, 2 Ro-Ro, and 35 different auxiliary ships, it plays a crucial role in the country's economy. The return of the "Ordubad" to operation is a significant event, a reaffirmation of the company's commitment to maintaining a robust and efficient fleet.

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