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11 September 2023 [17:31] - Today.Az

On September 11, around 08:30, the illegal Armenian armed groups in the territory of Azerbaijan, where the Russian peacekeeping contingent is temporarily stationed, tried to commit a terrorist act against the servicemen of the Azerbaijani Army on combat duty in the direction of Khojavend district, using a dog as an assassin, Azernews reports, citing the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry.

Thus, the illegal Armenian armed groups attached a remote-controlled improvised explosive device to the dog and forced it to move in the direction of Azerbaijani positions.

As a result of the vigilance of Azerbaijani military personnel, the attempt of the Armenian armed forces to increase the scale of the act of terror sabotage and to cause more injuries to the personnel was prevented.

"We strongly condemn this provocation as an act contrary to the Protocol on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Mines, Mine Traps and Other Devices of the Convention on Prohibitions and Restrictions on the Use of Certain Types of Conventional Weapons.

The use of animals for conspiracy is an immoral act and we consider it an act of terrorism," the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.
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