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14 February 2006 [18:36] - Today.Az
The Community of "Juma" Mosque intends to bring an action against the "Yeni haber" newspaper, if they don't offer an official apology to the believers for this insulting caricatures.

February 14

That was stated by Imam of the Mosque, politic and theologist, Ilgar Ibragimoglu today.
According to him, these caricatures provoke wrath and indignation not only in Azerbaijan, but all over the world.

"On the 13th of February approximately 60 web media services published headlines "The Answer of Azerbaijan to Denmark" and articles about the caricatures depicted as revenge of Muslims," he stated.

But, as it’s known, Islam recognizes Jesus as one of the greatest prophets of Allah and considers Virgin Mary as the best woman of both worlds.

In this case, the Community of the "Juma" mosque re-appealed to the Executive Power of Baku to sanction the rally-meeting this Saturday. The slogans of the meeting are expected to be "No to islamophobia! Yes to civilized dialog!" and  to express indignation about the newspaper published the caricatures of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.


February 13

On Monday Embassy of Iran expressed condemnation according to the fact that one of the weekly newspapers published insulting article and caricatures of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.

As it mentioned in the message of the Embassy, such an incident could appear because of being ill-informed of the chapter of Koran dedicated to the Virgin Mary or just to provoke hostility among the followers of Islam and Christianity.

The Embassy condemns the caricatures depicted Prophet Mohammed, published in Denmark, as well as the caricatures of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.

It should be noted that the Iranian Embassy were the first who responded to this action.

The abusive article of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary was published in the weekly "Yeni haber". The author explains his attitude as revenge for the insulting publications in some western issues and substantiates it by his freedom of speech.

The Chairman of the Press Council of Azeri Press Aflatun Amashev also expressed his indignation about the incident. He stated that this publication denied the constitutional principles and the Code of Media and called all the journalists to keep from publications insulting the feelings of believers.

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