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17 January 2006 [06:18] - Today.Az
The US is expected to give new hydro location equipments and 3 powerboats to the Navy of Azerbaijan (NA) by the end of this year.

Radar stations in marine bases will be modernized, in parallel, APA reports.

According to the information of the source, radar equipments made in Russia and Poland have been replaced by the equipments made in NATO countries, especially in the US in several stations so far.

Though associate of the press service of the Defense Ministry Ilgar Verdiyev told APA that he is not informed about it he confirmed that the US renders assistance to the Navy of Azerbaijan. According to I.Verdiyev, in accordance with the bilateral contract signed between the countries, the US provides technical assistances to the Navy of Azerbaijan, Military Air Forces and Defense Troops of Air Attack. The assistance is expected to be rendered this year too.

Ex-commander of the Navy, captain of the 1st degree Fuad Yusifov said that the US European Command (CENTCOM) has applied for strengthening the borders in the Caspian Sea: ”The stations in Azerbaijan enable to observe all the ships in the north and south of the Caspian, define their motion and freights in the ships. Some measures have been implemented in the marine bases by the assistance of the US so far, modern equipments and observatory systems have been given. As far as I know, micro submarine ships will be brought to the Caspian Sea soon for protection of the oil fields".

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