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03 November 2005 [14:50] - Today.Az
Office of Caucasian Muslims congratulated Azerbaijani people on the occasion of holy Ramadan holiday .

The congratulation received the OCM reads: "God highly appreciates the one who fasts and worships him during this month. The world of Muslims is living the fraternal holiday –Ramadan now. The people who lived and took advantage of the mercy and abundance of Ramadan are the happiest ones at the moment.

We are happy that we demonstrated our devotedness to our holy religion Islam during this month. We succeeded in our worshiping to God sincerely. We thank God for this donation and we pray the Creator to make the people of Azerbaijan happy, live in tranquility, stability, national union and abundance, save us from hard examinations, help us in liberating our territories and preserving the independence of our republic and state organization for the sake of his almightiness and endless mercy.

Let God reward you for your fasting for his sake".


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