Today.Az » Society » 82 drug addicts passed away for the last nine months of the year
22 October 2005 [13:16] - Today.Az
"1974 drug crimes were registered on the territory of the country during nine months of this year and 652 of them were connected with the sale of drugs", informs the State Commission on the Struggle against Drug Addiction and Illegal Turnover of Drugs.

According to the information entered APA from the commission, 273 kg 542 g drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, 17 kg 185 g heroin, 30 kg 84 g opium, 22 kg 598 g hashish, about 195 kg marihuana, 11 thousand 73 pills and 10 ampoules of psychotropic medicinal preparations, 8 kg 82 g acetic anhydride were confiscated from separate persons during 9 months.

Among 1974 crimes 71 were commited by foreign citizens who were detained and called to account for committing such crimes during this period. Besides that, 510 tons of narcotic plants grown wildly and cultivated illegally were revealed and annihilated. 82 persons who used drugs and anesthetic substances without having prescriptions passed away during that period.


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