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25 December 2019 [18:15] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Laman ?smayilova

Another yard has been successfully renovated within "The Our Yard" project, launched by IDEA Public Union.

Initiated by Leyla Aliyeva, Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of IDEA Public Union, the project aims to redevelop yards, make them greener, create a more comfortable living environment for residents and promote healthy lifestyle.

Leyla Aliyeva attended the opening ceremony of the renovated yard in Binagadi district, Baku. She also took part in a tree-planting action.

The renovated courtyard covers multi-storey buildings that accommodate 2,200 people.

All conditions for the convenient movement of people with disabilities were created there.

Mini-football field, area for playing chess, kids playgrounds, sports facilities and a 400-square-meter bike path were set up in the yard for leisure activities of people of all ages.

In addition, 4 gazebos, numerous benches and waste bins were installed on the territory.

Besides, the ceremonies house in the yard was renovated and provided with all necessary equipment.

Taking into account the residents’ wishes, new lampposts were installed, the facade and entrances of buildings were completely renovated, and new iron doors and plastic windows were installed in blocks.

Along with the restoration of existing landscaping, 70 trees were additionally planted on the territory; a green stripe was laid out on 2,500 metre area.

Moreover, CCTV cameras and fire hydrants were installed on the territory to ensure the safety of residents.

During the event, the young residents of the renovated courtyard enjoyed fantastic entertainment program timed to the New Year.

Children met with their beloved winter characters and heroes of various fairy tales. All the children received New Year's gifts. The festivity left no one indifferent. The event plunged children into a festive atmosphere.

"The Our Yard project" is planned to be implemented in all Baku districts. In this regard, IDEA proposes to submit information and recommendations about the yards in Baku which are in need of improvement.

The main purpose in creating such sites is to ensure a healthy lifestyle for young people, strengthen their health, effectively organize leisure activities.

IDEA Public Union, established by Leyla Aliyeva on July 12, 2011, aims to promote public awareness on environmental issues and action, collaboration with the youth, promoting the education of environmental problems and finding proper solutions for them.

The public union calls upon each individual to care about the environment and to contribute to ongoing efforts against ecological problems.

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