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07 April 2005 [15:42] - Today.Az
Ex-chief of Head Crime Investigation Office of The Ministry of Internal Affairs colonel Kamil Sadraddinov confessed voluntarily his participation in intentional human murder, kidnap and other especially hard crimes.

This was stated in common information spread by the Ministry of National Security and Republic Procurator's Office. According to the information given to APA from the department of Public Affairs of the MNS, after the band committing intentional human killing, kidnap and other especial hard crimes was rendered harmless, investigation actions and operation-search measures is being continued in the direction of exposing the illegal deeds of its other members.

Ex-police colonel Sadraddinov Kamil Jamal oghlu having a criminal relation with H.Mammadov- head of band, hid being afraid of charge because of his deeds, whose chief was H.Mammadov  when he worked in MIA.But then he confessed his guilt voluntarily and applied to the investigation in order to help in the investigation of the cases evident to him.

During the interrogation, it was determined that, when K.Sadraddinov was working in the duty of department chief in Head Crime Investigation Office he did not provide the discipline to be obeyed by H.Mammadov, gave no material to his execution, was caused an opportunity of getting his salary though he was not attending his job without any permission, in fact because of evident reasons; though he was aware of all criminal actions he was not fulfilling his duty and holding legal measures but becoming an active participant of crimes and had taken lots of money in cash from him.

 The actions of K.Mammadov being a shame for the associate of law enforcement organ was one of the factors causing the intentional human killing, kidnap and other especial hard crimes by the criminal armed group of H.Mammadov. Kamil Sadraddinov, as the one heading the preparation of the crimes of human kidnap closely participated in the share of the money, and got his part. In September 1995 president of "Azermebelsenaye" (Azerfurnitureindustry) company Nazim Pashayev and his driver Natig Abbasov, on 5 August 1996 Ilham Gadimov, on 2 September 1997 Ahmad Mammadov, on 26 February 1999 Zeynalabdin Babayev, on 12 January 2000 Ogtay Babayev, on 9 November 2000 Murad Kazimov were kidnapped and kept in different addresses,in all cases H.Mammdov informed K.Sadraddinov before the kidnap.

At the same time, H.Mammdov gave a task to K.Sadraddinov to let him know the information entering to law enforcement organs about the criminal actions of his band, and he fulfilled this duty "decently".

During the initial investigations it was approved that, K.Sadraddinov got $5.000  in cash from the kidnap of Ilham Gadimov-the son of Vagif Gadimov who was working in authorized duty in Azerbaijan Sate Oil Company, $15.000 from the kidnap of Ahmad Mammadov-the son of the chief of "Azersighorta" (Azerinsurence) company Mammad Mammadov, $25.000 for each for rescuing businessman Zeynalabdin Babayev and ex-assistant of the prosecutor of Khatayi District Ogtay Babayev, $20.000 for the assistant of Yasamal District prosecutor Kazimov Murad Ismayil oghlu.

In his explanation to investigation H.Mammadov stated that he had given totally $500.000 to K.Sadraddinov from the incomes gained by the crimes committed by his band. Besides it, K.Sadraddinov together with H.Mammadov participated in the preparation of the plan concerning the kidnap of Hajiyeva Zamira Shirali.

After this dirty intention was fulfilled, $15.000 euros were demanded for setting her free. But as a result of special operation having a conditional "Black belt" name the activity of the band was stopped and Z.Hajiyeva was set free. /APA/   

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