Today.Az » World news » Wang Yi: Common interests of China and Europe far exceed their differences
07 March 2024 [23:59] - Today.Az

The mutual interests of China and Europe far exceed the differences between the two sides, Azernews reports, citing Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi telling at a press conference on the sidelines of the 2nd session of the National People's Congress (Parliament) of the 14th convocation.

"There is no fundamental conflict of interest between China and the EU, as well as no geostrategic contradictions. The common interests of the two sides are much greater than their differences," he said.

"Partnership should be the right positioning of Sino-European relations, cooperation should be the main motive, independence should be the key value, development prospects should be mutually beneficial," the foreign minister said.

He also expressed the hope that "the green light will be on" throughout the entire path of Sino-European relations. "A strong Europe is in line with China's long-term interests, just as a strong China is in line with Europe's fundamental interests," Wang Yi continued.

He noted that China and Europe should work together to practice multilateralism, and open development, and promote civilized dialogue. According to him, as long as China and Europe cooperate for mutual benefit, there will be no block confrontation.

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