Today.Az » World news » Elon Musk claims Tesla will roll out electric Semi truck this year
11 August 2022 [23:10] - Today.Az

By Trend

In a tweet, the billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed that his car company would start shipping its Semi truck with a 500 mile range later this year — and that the long-awaited Cybertruck was still another year out, Trend reports citing The Byte.

As always, his claims will have to be taken with a grain of salt, because Musk has a bad habit of missing his own deadlines when it comes to either vehicle.

As Electrek notes, Tesla Semi production has been delayed repeatedly since Musk first unveiled the prototype in late 2017.

Despite the delays, preorders have been going well. By the end of 2017, UPS and Walmart jumped to join a number of other companies that ordered the electric semi truck, and in subsequent years, Tesla Semis have been spotted at various points on California roads.

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