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23 June 2022 [15:54] - Today.Az

By Azernews

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Turkish Defense Industry President Ismail Demir announced that MILSAR - synthetic aperture radar has been integrated into the AKSUNGUR unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Yeni Shafak reports.

Demir stated that MILSAR, a synthetic aperture radar system that was developed within the framework of the UAV-M?LDAR project has also been integrated into AKSUNGUR. The radar was previously integrated into ANKA to detect mines in the Istanbul Strait.

“Our Synthetic Aperture Radar MILSAR, which was developed within the framework of our UAV-MILDAR project, was successfully integrated into AKSUNGUR after ANKA and started to be used by our Naval Forces Command. Best wishes,” Demir wrote on his Twitter account.

“With its high-resolution SAR capability, multi-target tracking capability, low weight, and fast platform integration features, MILSAR will make a significant contribution to increasing the effectiveness of our security forces in reconnaissance and surveillance activities,” he added.

MILSAR, the synthetic aperture radar system developed by Meteksan Defense in line with the UAV-MILDAR (fire control radar) project initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industries, was first integrated into the domestic unmanned aerial vehicle ANKA. ANKA had easily detected sea mines drifting into the Bosphorus with the MILSAR integrated into it.

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