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16 April 2015 [17:40] - Today.Az

/By AzerNews - Mushvig Mehdiyev/

European decision makers showed how biased they can really be when they decided to offer their support to Armenia over its fallacious genocide claims, playing directly into Yerevan's narrative.

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the centennial of the so-called "Armenian genocide" during its plenary session on April 15. It will reportedly boost Armenia and its patrons all over the world to press on their fallacious claims that Turkey committed a "genocide" against Armenians.

The EP is now emerged more determined than ever, intent on forcing Ankara to recognize and acknowledge Armenia's fictitious version of historical events.

Turkey has not delayed its assessment of the EP's biased decision in view of the 1915 events, dismissing the resolution's adoption as "senseless".

The Turkish Ministry for European Union Affairs reported that Ankara will ignore the resolution since the EP has no accreditation when it comes to judging history, especially without any hard facts to back its claims.

"This decision taken by the EP clearly showed the lack of justice in view of the pain and suffering of Muslims, representatives of other religions killed and those who endured torture during World War I," the ministry said.

At a time when the world is suffocated by numerous conflicts in several parts of the planet, the European Parliament's move contradicts efforts aimed at protecting worldwide peace and stability.

It seems the EP had no better thing to do but entertain Armenia's delusions.

Ankara's anger and disillusionment over the EP's decision is especially infuriating since the legislative body has failed to address serious conflicts in the region.

The Turkish ministry reminded the EP that it would be better off coming up with "antidotes" against growing radicalism and inter-religious strife in Europe, and not dance to Armenia's fake "genocide" tune.

Ankara has exerted certain efforts in view of manifesting a breakthrough in the stalemate relations with Armenia, expecting Yerevan would do the same. Normalization of the ties would be of essential significance for regional developments, believe Turkey's rulers.

However, the Armenian leadership prefers to align itself with baseless "genocide" and territorial claims against Turkey rather than boost its efforts to relent long-lasting tense relations with one of the world and region's key powers. Even President Serzh Sargsyan withdrew the Ankara-Yerevan normalization protocols form discussions proving his devotion to Armenia's unchanged belligerent nature.

In this case, the European Parliament's biased approach towards the so-called "genocide" issue only serves to feed Yerevan's flames.

But Turkey is determined to stand tall before such lies. It will not allow powers to paint Turkey as a ruthless killer.

Top Turkish officials under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's leadership stand strong against all kind of alleged, biased and hypocritical accusations. Erdogan recently slammed Yerevan and its foreign supporters for seizing every opportunity to play hardball against Ankara. He even reminded Yerevan that 100,000 illegal Armenian immigrants who were living in Turkey had never faced any form of discrimination - tangible proof that Ankara was never and will never be a threat to Armenians.

Baku announced its official position in view of the EP's biased approach towards the "Armenian genocide", saying it is yet another example of the double-standard culture which seems to prevail in European political institutions.

Azerbaijan, which suffered from the criminal hands of Armenia, made clear it will not tolerate such a hypocritical display. If the EP felt inclined to pass judgment on Armenia' so-called genocide, then why not to view the Khojaly genocide? What about the hundreds of Azerbaijanis who perished under Armenia's boots?

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