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11 September 2009 [14:59] - Today.Az
Head of Azerbaijan-Estonia Culture Center Niyazi Hajiyev spoke to Day.Az in an interview.

Day.Az: Under what conditions was Azerbaijan-Estonia Culture Center ‘Aydan’ established? What is it aimed at? How many Azerbaijanis does it bring together?

Niyazi Hajiyev: First of all,  I would like to note that the Azerbaijani community of Estonia was founded in 1988 and became the first official national community in the former Soviet Union. Our first task then was to report on truth about just festering Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and Azerbaijan's position. At the same time, we, of course, supported the movement aimed at independence which was then actively developing in Azerbaijan.

I want to note that current national flag of Azerbaijan was first officially registered the flag of the Azerbaijani community of Estonia back in 1988. Currently, under the patronage of the Azerbaijan-Estonia community there is kindergarten named after academician Zarifa Aliyeva which is the first  among national minorities as well as Sunday school and sports and youth center.

Q: How many Azerbaijan live in Estonia according to your estimations? In what fields they are engaged?

A: There are over 2,000 Azerbaijanis in Estonia. There are also 6,000 migrants of various nationalities from Azerbaijan. Majority of them are brought together in Bakililar club which is led by member of the Estonian parliament of Azerbaijani origin Eldar Afandiyev. Besides Afandiyev, there are large number of well-known Azerbaijanis in Estonia.

They are director of Puppet Show Theatre honored artist Rauf Afsarov, chief of Turkish language department at the Tartu University Khagani Gaibli, fivefold world champion Farrukh Abdullayev, karate champion of Europe Amid Maharramov, author of Azerbaijani-Estonian and Estonian-Azerbaijani dictionaries Vidadi Mammadov who translated Dada-Gorgud epic into Estonian, well-known businessman Movsum Mehdiyev, etc.

Q: How many Armenians live in Estonia? How active is their diaspora?

A: The Armenian community in Estonia composes slightly over 2,000 people. From  1998 to 2002, we had a very strong confrontation with them. I do not want to seem immodest, but we won in all respects. The most important is that we could  create a positive attitude of local population to Azerbaijan. We still continue to be guided by this purpose.

We share no business relationship. But on some issues we can have a dialogue. They are well-aware of our therefore do ot stage any anti-Turkish or anti-Azerbaijani propaganda. The last time we experienced this in 2005 in connection with the raising of issue of the so-called “Armenian genocide” in the Estonian parliament. Due to our timely and clear actions that issue was removed from the agenda and further discussions.   


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