Today.Az » Politics » Khazar Ibrahim: "Robert Kocharian sets up the desired for reality"
01 March 2008 [10:11] - Today.Az

“Robert Kocharian’s tenure expires and he will not be the president of Armenia till autumn, or after that,” spokesman for Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Khazar Ibrahim told APA commenting on Robert Kocharian’s statement that the negotiations on the settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict will be frozen.

Touching upon Armenian president’s statements that Kosovo will set up a precedent for Nagorno Karabakh Khazar Ibrahim said Kocharian sets up the desired for reality.

According to him, the world community underlined several times that the situation in Kosovo will by no means set up a precedent for Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and these conflicts are too different.

“Armenia should understand that they will only lose with these speculations, because the reality is quite different. Armenian leadership should understand once and for all that Nagorno Karabakh can not have a status outside Azerbaijan. There is an international law, real situation and unanimous opinion of the international community. The sooner Armenia’s present and previous leadership understands these realities, the more it will be useful for them,” he said.


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