Today.Az » Business » Niko Lekishvili: "Possible to balance gas price on account of gas supplies from Azerbaijan"
03 November 2006 [13:08] - Today.Az
Georgian leadership considers Gazprom's more than doubling gas prices not to be a "tragedy".

Georgian State Minister told that Gazprom's intention to charge Tbilisi $230 for 1,000 cubic metres of gas, compared with the $110 cost now, hasn't exhausted Georgia's "levers" available in this situation.

Georgian Premier Zurab Nogaydeli said he has instructed energy structures of the country to continue negotiations with Gazprom.

Parliament economic policy and natural resources commission chairman Niko Lekishvili told that it is possible to balance the prices of gas imports on account of natural gas supplies from Azerbaijan.

He also said the price of Iranian gas coming to Georgia through Azerbaijan is the same as that of Gazprom, APA reports.

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