Today.Az » Politics » Radical Wahhabites decide to punish APA correspondents
16 June 2006 [14:05] - Today.Az
Radical Wahhabite groupings in Dagestan have decided to punish Kizilyurt resident Abdul Umarov, who contributed to APA's Dagestan bureau and the bureau correspondents.

This may Abdul Umarov reported that radical Wahhabites are going to establish a caliphate (kingdom) in the North Caucasus consolidating northern regions of Azerbaijan, and they will be headquartered in Nalchik for a temporary period.

An unnamed religious man from Mahachkala told that after that report, the radical groupings decided to kill Umarov. The sources also said the bureau correspondents are also being searched.

A person of Arabic origin visited Azerbaijani northern region of Guba-Khachmaz to collect information on our Agency's correspondents in the region as well as in Dagestan. He was accompanied by a religious man from Zagatala and a woman with wearing a head-scarf. The woman is reported to be from Zagatala-Balaken region.

According to the latest report of the northern bureau, several Arabs paid secret visits to the northern Azerbaijan after Umarov's report.

They met with curators of Wahhabites on regions and gave certain instructions. It is also reported that members of the Ikhvan religious group in "Abu-Bakir" mosque help to search Umarov and APA's correspondents.

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