Today.Az » Politics » Azerbaijani Ombudsman: Pardon decree indicates value given to human rights and freedom
26 May 2024 [13:53] - Today.Az

"Pardon decree indicates value given to human rights and freedom," the Azerbaijan Human Rights Commissioner (Ombudsman) Sabina Aliyeva said this to local media.

"Traditionally, on the eve of significant dates and holidays in the history of our statehood, pardon orders are signed by President of Azerbaijan Republic, Supreme Commander-In-Chief Ilham Aliyev The Amnesty Order signed on the eve of Independence Day is the 70th order signed so far and applies to a total of 154 convicts," the Ombudsman said.

"The Pardon decree is an indication of the value given to human rights and freedoms. There are also citizens of foreign countries among the pardoned citizens. I congratulate the pardoned convicts and their family members, and invite them to respect the laws in their future lives, to be useful to our country, and to remain loyal to our statehood. Those persons must justify this high trust," said Sabina Aliyeva.

Note that President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has signed an order pardoning a group of convicts.

The order states that the decision to pardon the convicts was made after considering appeals from several convicts, their family members, the Commissioner for Human Rights to the President of Azerbaijan, as well as factors such as the convicts’ personalities, health conditions, family situations, the nature and degree of public danger of their crimes, the duration of their sentences, and their behavior during incarceration. A total of 154 people were pardoned based on principles of humanism.

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