Today.Az » Politics » Next session of Azerbaijani Parliament kicks off: 14 issues to be discussed on agenda
19 April 2024 [11:20] - Today.Az

Fatime Letifova

The next plenary session of the spring session of the Milli Majlis (the Parliament) has started, Azernews reports.

The meeting is chaired by Sahiba Gafarova, and its agenda includes the discussion of 14 issues.

Those issues are as follows:

1. Report on the activities of the Accounting Chamber in 2023.

2. Draft law on amending the "Regulation on service in state tax authorities" approved by Law No. 141-IIQ of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated June 12, 2001 (third reading).

3. Draft law on amending the law "On Labor Pensions" (third reading).

4. Draft law on amending the Code of Administrative Offenses (third reading).

5. Draft law on amending the Tax Code, "On Social Insurance", "On Customs Tariff" and "On Advertising" laws (third reading).

6. Draft law on amending the Civil Code and the law "On Mortgage" (third reading)

7. Bill on amending the law "On Media" (third reading).

8. Draft law on amending the laws "On the approval of the internal service regulations of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan", "On the protection of historical and cultural monuments", "On the extradition of criminals," and "On culture" (second reading).

9. Draft law on amending the law "On social insurance" and the Tax Code (second reading).

10. Draft law on amending the law "On Education" (second reading).

11. "On the perpetuation of the martyr's name and concessions to the families of the martyrs", "On the status and social protection of the citizens who participated in the cancellation of the Chernobyl accident and suffered as a result of that accident", "On veterans", "Refugees and internally displaced persons (people displaced within the country) on status", "On social protection of children who have lost their parents and deprived of parental care", "On vocational training" and "On the rights of persons with disabilities" (second reading).

12. Draft law on amending some laws in connection with the implementation of Law No. 979-VIQD of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated July 14, 2023 on amending the law "On Medicines" (second reading).

13. Draft law on amending the law "On service in judicial bodies" (first reading).

14. Draft law "On the creation of artificial land areas in the section of the Caspian Sea (lake) belonging to the Republic of Azerbaijan" (first reading).

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