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20 February 2024 [15:31] - Today.Az

By Azernews

Elnur Enveroglu

There are two types of diseases in the world: curable and incurable. Although this disease is not fatal, it has an extremely damaging effect.

There is no doubt that Armenia is the carrier of such a disease, and unfortunately, the carriers of this disease mostly cover the South Caucasus.

The problem is not a territorial claim but simply spreading a harmful atmosphere in the area where it falls and destroying healthy creatures.

If we look at recent history, we can witness that the Armenians have claimed territory in the South Caucasus, even in the territories of Russia, Georgia, Israel and Japan. Since fabricating history is as easy as drinking a glass of water for the separatist Armenians, forging maps of all sizes and formats, as well as creating fake historical monuments, has become their specialized art from time to time.

In September 2023, when the separatist regime in Garabagh was neutralized by the Azerbaijani army, Armenia admitted that it was not responsible for the long-lasted crimes of the separatist clans in Azerbaijan’s territories. Even when the separatist leaders were arrested and brought to Baku, the Yerevan administration welcomed this event very positively behind the scenes. Because at that time the names of Arayik Harutyunyan and Ruben Vardanyan were seen as a potential threat to the Pashinyan administration.

It seems that Yerevan has switched to plan B and is simply trying to convince the remaining separatist elements with false promises.

Reviving the so-called Artsakh parliament, he met with the head of the commission and former Armenian MFA Vardan Oskanyan. At the meeting, the parties discussed the fate of a group of separatists who were allegedly "departed" from Garabagh, but actually left Garabagh territory to avoid criminal responsibility.

Although Vardan Oskanyan has been a politician who has blasphemed Pashinyan's administration for many years, recently he has made a lot of efforts to take a certain position within the administration. However, for some reason this politician, who is considered an expired political figure by the incumbent government in Armenia, could not win the Prime Minister's favour. Therefore, Oskanyan is currently trying to become more visible within the new faction nurturing separatism in the country. What to do? Business is business. Working for Pashinyan or the separatist clan makes no difference. At the end, all are sourced from the same root.

The Armenian leadership continues the dualism in politics, the game that accords with its usual and traditional formula. Thus, by trying to delay or disrupt the peace talks on the one hand, official Yerevan is engaged in rekindling the extinct separatist fire inside, on the other hand. As a matter of fact, Pashinyan's speech the other day was clearly full of allegations against the territories of Azerbaijan. This reflects Armenia's territorial claim against Azerbaijan in a completely transparent form.

Even the provocations on the border and the fact that it coincided with the snap presidential elections in Azerbaijan were not a coincidence. Everything is conceived, planned and executed from the beginning. The only thing about Armenia is that it cannot successfully implement its plans.

Obviously, it has become an axiom for Armenia to say one word in front of the international community and then behave in a different way. Such a position is absolutely unacceptable for official Baku in a nutshell. For Yerevan, this can be seen as a normal situation, but when the issue is approached from the regional aspect, there is no hope that it will have a pleasant outcome.

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