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22 December 2023 [21:37] - Today.Az

By Azernews

Abbas Ganbay

A network of French spies was uncovered in Azerbaijan due to the careful work of the Azerbaijani State Security Service. France's relations with Azerbaijan have become more strained in political terms with recent events and actions from the former. France's commitment to supporting the separatist clan and Armenia itself for centuries has led it to interfere in the internal affairs of countries both far and near.

After the restoration of justice and sovereignty in the territory of Azerbaijani Garabagh as a result of the successfully implemented anti-terrorist operation to eradicate the separatist clan, most of the "crusader" countries turned against Azerbaijan. Instead of contributing to the improvement of relations between neighbouring Azerbaijan and Armenia, many Western powers, for selfish purposes, have come to "help" arming Armenia. France is in the front row here, in first place.

Having switched on reformatting the world order, the world powers regrouped and are fighting for a place in this world. France, adhering to the character of a coloniser, loses its place in parts of Africa and decides to move to plan "B" towards Armenia. France's actions to arm Armenia hindered the peace process and the achievement of the signing of a peace treaty between the neighbours, where the European Union, with its "observer missions," added fuel to the fire. The West began to act based on Armenia's allied relations with Russia, expressing "assistance" to Yerevan by arming it and sending "observer missions" to deter "possible attacks" from Azerbaijan.

Most of the attempts of the Western structures to create a problem inside Azerbaijan, to impose fear and destruction in an attempt to carry out terrorist attacks, have failed, thanks to the brilliantly conducted operation of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan.

It became known that in Azerbaijan a wide residency of agents of special services of France that were involved in various operations in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, several countries of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia was revealed.

According to the information, it is noted that some time ago in the territory of Azerbaijan, the internal residence of the French embassy very confidently and calmly carried out intelligence activities against representatives of countries known as "partners" of Paris.

At the same time, the residents, using wide connections, were actively moving in the countries of the region, while forming new tasks and expanding their sphere of influence. According to the information, the investigation led to very interesting aspects that revealed a network of interconnected personalities. One of them is a French citizen who, for many years, was a freelancer in the French intelligence community and initiated cooperation with the law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan.

As a result of the cooperation, dozens of French agents, some of whom served and continue to work in Azerbaijan, and others currently working in several neighbouring countries and international organisations, were uncovered.

At the same time, the special services of Azerbaijan were provided with evidence and documents regarding the activities of the French residents in the region of the South Caucasus, the Middle East, Ukraine, and Moldova.

In connection with the criminal case conducted by the special services of Azerbaijan, several persons who carried out intelligence activities in Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan were arrested.

The Azerbaijani side has not yet made any official statements in this regard.

The scale of the failure of the French intelligence is nailed and will be a serious blow to the image of the intelligence. In August 2023, Emmanuel Macron expressed dissatisfaction with the head of France's foreign intelligence service, Bernard Amyot, whose activities had dealt a blow to Paris' positions in Africa and Eastern Europe. Nicolas Lerner, who headed the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI), has been appointed head of the General Staff.

An immigration crisis, an economic crisis, and several other weighty problems enveloped France. In Saint-Gaudens, France, 50 tractors and 200 farmers hold a demonstration where they dump 20 trailers of manure and waste in front of the prefecture and government buildings. On top of all this, the capture of French spies in Azerbaijan is added. The reputation of the French President is under considerable strain after a series of endless crises on both economic and social grounds.

After investigations by the State Security Service of Azerbaijan to uncover a network of French spies, we learn detailed information that will shed more light on the matter.

Paris recently tried with the help of pro-Armenian officials to prevent the COP29 global summit on climate change from being held in Azerbaijan. Armenia withdrew its candidature to host the summit, in response to goodwill towards Azerbaijan, which has also been honoured in other countries. Despite France's futile attempts, Armenia and Azerbaijan have exchanged prisoners of war and will soon begin discussing issues related to the peace treaty.

It is worth recalling that Azerbaijan, under the chairmanship of the Baku Initiative Group, was able to bring together in one place (Baku) peoples who had been subjected to persecution and colonialism by France for centuries. Lacking support from the world community, Azerbaijan has taken on the task of helping to inform the world about the urgent problems of these nations.

The international conference "Dialogues of Decolonisation: Legacy, Challenges and Progress" has started in Baku. The conference was organised by the Parliamentary Network of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), the Baku Initiative Group, and the NAM Youth Organisation.

Edel Tadal, a member of the Movement for Social Liberation and Decolonisation of French Guiana, spoke at the conference, where he stated that today France, by offering vocational training, seeks to recruit the youth of Guiana to eventually join the French army.

One of the main challenges for our people is to reconnect with their culture. This may include encouraging various initiatives, especially on the part of cultural associations. These actions help to awaken people on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. This is the first step towards reparations and further movement towards decolonisation," said Tadal.

The French spies may also have been looking for ways to recruit the youth of the countries they visited, based on the information above. If Armenia would open their eyes more widely, it would notice how their young people are being recruited to the frontlines in Ukraine as a result of this recruitment.

It is possible to assume that propaganda will continue in the direction of Azerbaijan from different corners of the world as we get closer to achieving peace.

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