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02 June 2023 [08:30] - Today.Az

By Azernews

Rena Murshud

Brussels, Moscow and then Chisinau - after these successive and wonderful meetings, but also rather sad for Armenia, the authority desperately began to look for a new patron for the country.

Until now, the leadership of Armenia, leaning either to Russia or to the European Union, seems to have lost all hopes. Even France, which used to be the closest sister to Yerevan administration, makes no longer any difference for them.

Recently, the Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Alen Simonyan told the media that the peace agreement between Yerevan and Baku should be secured by a third country. According to him, after the signing of the peace agreement, it is important to have a guarantor who will monitor the implementation of the agreements reached. It doesn't matter if it's Russia, France, USA or Germany. The main thing is that someone stands behind Armenia...

Strangely enough, after the statements of the Prime Minister of Armenia, the representatives of the government each time express different opinions. We really wonder if there is a "leader" in this country who has a sole word in every decision, or is anarchy reigning in the country?

"I wouldn't talk about anarchy. There is a legitimate leader Nikol Pashinyan and there is a legitimate government. The official government comes exclusively from the Prime Minister and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

This was told by Vadym Tryukhan, a Ukrainian diplomat, in a commented on the issue for Azernews, adding that the hopelessness of the Armenian authorities is mostly related to Russia, which is the leading country in the region. In his response to the question whether Armenia really lost hope for its sister country - France, he said that, even Russia is not a glimpse of hope for them now. "Russia has lost credibility and reputation by bringing war to Ukraine. Armenia understands that Russia will not be able to guarantee either its independence or any agreements that Armenia will conclude with Azerbaijan. Therefore, it is looking for other states that could become serious players in this matter."

Concerning support from European partners for Armenia, the Ukranian diplomat said that the US and the EU are more likely to be two key players that can somehow guarantee peace agreements between Azerbaijan and Armenia. For this reason, the expert expressed hope that the upcoming meeting in Brussels will be decisive and important.

"In fact, this is a chance for Azerbaijan to maintain its territorial integrity. And for Armenia, it will get rid of a bad inheritance due to the conflict over the course of 30 years between Azerbaijan and Armenia - the conflict that Pashinyan inherited from the previous leaders of this country. I assume, the main task for Armenia, as a historical chance, is to agree and find effective guarantors to reach an agreement and live in peace and prosperity," he said.

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