Today.Az » Politics » Azerbaijan makes amendments to state registration of real property
24 January 2023 [11:10] - Today.Az

President Ilham Aliyev signed into law amendments to the law "On the State Register of Real Estate".

According to the amendment, Article 9-1 is added to the law, concerning the state registration of rights to real estate property through the "single window" system.

9-1.1. State registration of rights through the "single window" on the basis of notarized agreements on the disposal of real estate property, as well as other documents (including a contract, a certificate of the spouses' ownership right to a share in the common property, a certificate of inheritance by law or will, a distribution plan, notification of the last payment according to the contract of purchase and sale in debt, etc.), drawn up and (or) certified as a result of a notarized action regarding the real estate property, provides for:

- use by a notary of electronic documents on state registration of rights reflected in the information system automatically;

- transfer of electronic copies of documents required for state registration of rights by a notary through information systems;

- transfer by the notary of payments necessary for the state registration of rights, as necessary.

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