Today.Az » Politics » Azerbaijani border guards prevent smuggling of over 28.7 kg of drugs from Iran
17 June 2022 [16:15] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Vugar Khalilov

The State Border Service has prevented the smuggling of over 28.7 kg of drugs from Iran to Azerbaijan, Azernews reports, citing the service.

At 2215 hours, on June 7, two unknown individuals violated the state border from Iran to Azerbaijan in the service area of Horadiz border detachment’s border post near Zangilan region’s Bartaz village.

The service area was immediately cordoned off. Despite the border guard's “stop” command and the warning fire, the offenders ignored the order and attempted to kill the border guards by putting up armed resistance.

As a result of border searches and operational actions taken in conjunction with a state border violation, one of the border trespassers was apprehended, and a substance like marijuana weighing about 5.8 kg was discovered in one package. Another trespasser fled back to Iran, taking advantage of the darkness and the dense forest and bushy area.

In the same vein, the Coast Guard of the State Border Service dispatched border guard ships to Neftchala at 0150 on June 12, in response to information received concerning an unknown target violating sea borders.

The high-speed vessel's path was tracked using sophisticated surveillance equipment and radars, and immediate action was taken to chase and stop it.

In response to the incident, border security was stepped up, and coastal regions were investigated in the direction of the vessel's journey.

As a result, two suspicious sacks were discovered on the coastline, in the service area of the Southern Regional Department's Mayak coastal control unit near Neftchala’s Mayak village.

During the inspection of the bags, over 22.8 kilograms of drugs (15,180 grams - of marijuana, 7,175 grams - of opium, 500 grams - of heroin) and 1,543 psychotropic pills were taken from 13 packages.

Investigative measures are underway.

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