Today.Az » Politics » Pakistani expert: Armenia - country where Islamophobia perceived as state policy
25 September 2020 [13:14] - Today.Az

By Trend

Armenia is a country where Islamophobia is perceived as a state policy, Pakistani expert on geopolitics and international relations, Malik Eyub Sumbal, told Trend.

The Armenians are destroying mosques in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan and keeping animals, including pigs and cows, in the destroyed mosques, Sumbal noted.

The expert emphasized that the Armenian government is abusing religion and demonstrating its fascist character to the whole world.

“In countries, where religion is used as a tool against other peoples, internal religious extremism is growing, which keeps them away from the world. Armenia also uses this kind of tactic. Toying with the religious sentiments of any people is a shame and a crime. Disrespect for religious values and sacred sites is unacceptable,” he said.

“Unlike Armenia, freedom of religion, multiculturalism, and respect for other religions are one of the priorities of Azerbaijan's state policy,” stressed the Pakistani expert.

“I witnessed how tolerant the Azerbaijani society is in relation to other religions, representatives of each religion freely perform their religious rites in Azerbaijan,” Sumbal added.

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