Today.Az » Politics » Resolution urging to ensure free elections in Azerbaijan under consideration at US Congress
23 June 2005 [08:46] - Today.Az
The House of Representatives of the US Congress set to consideration of the resolution urging to hold “free and fair elections in Azerbaijan”.

The document has been brought in the Congress by three Congressmen of the Republican Party, with Elton Gallegli at the head.

In the resolution’s preamble is noted, that 2003 presidential elections in Azerbaijan “ were not in line with the international standards” and that after those elections the Council of Europe adopted Resolution N 1358, in which it called on Azerbaijani authorities “to undertake immediately a number of moves, including release of political prisoners, investigation of frauds during the elections, establishment of the Public TV and permission for all parties for informational communication with the Azerbaijani people”.

"The House of Representatives calls on the Azerbaijani government to guarantee a full participation of the oppositionist parties in the upcoming elections, including members of the opposition parties, arrested in the months, prior to the parliamentary elections in 2005”, the draft resolution indicates. The document contains also the call to the world community and NGOs in the USA to ensure “a sufficient number” of observers for the November Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan.

Having stated on the importance for the “sides to refrain from violence during the pre-election campaign, on the Election Day and after the election period”, the resolution urges the Azerbaijani authorities “to guarantee freedom of speech and assemblies”.

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