Today.Az » Politics » US state department express regret by actions of Azerbaijani authorities towards oppositionist rally
25 May 2005 [09:24] - Today.Az
"We regret, that the government of Azerbaijan rejected the oppositionists' request to hold peaceful rally", official representative of the US State Department, Richard Baucher stated this.

This information was provided by "Trend".  

"It causes also regret, that the police applied force to disperse a small group of protesters and to detain the participants of the unauthorized rally", he said.  Baucher called on the Azerbaijan's government to respect "the right of people for holding peaceful and free assemblies, as well as to ensure immediately the appropriate legal process for those, who had been detained".   

"We support resolutely the people's right for peaceful and free meetings, being the normal part of the democratic process", the US State Department official said.

To Baucher's opinion the authorities' attitude to holding the meeting and detention of its participants do not correspond to the Decree on the Constitutional right of the citizen for holding peaceful meetings, signed by the Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev on 11 May  2005.

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