Today.Az » Politics » Milli Majlis adopted law "About Heydar Aliyev order"
23 April 2005 [08:15] - Today.Az
Law "About Heydar Aliyev order" was discussed in the 1st and 2nd reading in yesterday's meeting of Milli Majlis (parliament) and adopted.

National deputy Jalal Aliyev was against the description of sword on the order. According to him, sword can't be the symbol of Heydar Aliyev's activity: "Heydar Aliyev ruled the authority with his wit and intellect. However, sword is the symbol of force" After J.Aliyev's speech, the majority of the deputies stressed the importance of excluding the sword description from the order. National deputy Karim Karimov stated that, the description of sword on the order is the symbol of Christian sword. According to him, Moslem world has its own sword.

Deputy Zalimkhan Yagub stated that, it is insulting act to express the late President's name in two letters. The name Heydar Aliyev must be written in full form on the order. Deputy Ali Huseynov said that the offers will be taken into consideration in further discussions. The persons for military service will be awarded with the order with the description of sword and for other services with the order without the description of sword. A.Huseynov also stated that, the main descriptions on the order were agreed upon with the head of state. Additions and amendments were made to the laws "About Television and Radio Broadcast" and "About juridical acts" in the meeting.

Besides it, draft law "About administrative execution" was adopted in the 2nd reading, too.


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