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19 November 2019 [10:42] - Today.Az

By Trend

After the scandal over the “emigrant business”, which caused sharp resonance in Europe and which is known to many radicals involved in this matter, loud protests are heard in Azerbaijan’s opposition Musavat party, journalist Ogtay Hajimusali told Trend Nov. 18.

Ramiz Yunus, who often appears on the YouTube channel of journalist Sevinj Osmangizi as a political observer, has become one of such protesters.

Hajimusali noted that after Ramiz Yunus began to accuse the Musavat leadership in connection with the “emigrant business” and urged Arif Hajili, leader of Musavat party, to clarify this issue and resign, Hajili, in turn, made serious charges against Yunus.

“According to Arif Hajili’s accusations, Razmik Baghdasaryan (Ramiz Yunus) before immigrating to the US in 2000, was a member of Musavat for a very short time,” Hajimusali said. “In response, Razmik said Arif Hajili lies when stating that even the party’s office furniture was bought by him, and asked where the current party chairman was at that time. However, Arif Hajili insists that Razmik at that time didn’t participate in the formation of the party and recommends youth to spread this lie.”

The journalist further noted that if the name of a political party is mentioned in the emigrant scandal, first of all the leadership should investigate this process inside the party and find the perpetrators, instead of bickering with people from outside.

“Everyone knows that during the recent election of the head of Musavat, Razmik supported Ali Karimli and Tofig Yagublu, who became close to the so-called National Council,” Hajimusali added. “The counteraction of other Musavat members who mutated under the supervision of Karimli and Yagublu, with Arif Hajili is quite normal. The primary responsibility of the party’s leadership is an objective investigation of the case within the party and the identification of the perpetrators. Regarding the intolerance of Arif Hajili during the recent events, this can be explained by the fact that all wings of the radical opposition were headed by ““crypto-Komsomol members” with a Bolshevik worldview”

German law enforcement authorities detained former members of one of the opposition parties in Azerbaijan. Seven members of a criminal group were detained.

The local federal courts chose a preventive measure in the form of six-month detention in respect of the detained members of the criminal gang.

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